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How does this insurance protect sports coaches?

upcover offers insurance that blends professional indemnity and public and product liability insurance, offering you tailored insurance solutions for sports coaches at affordable prices.

Professional Indemnity Insurance for rehabilitation counsellors (Limits up to $10m)

Professional indemnity protects you from claims made against your coaching and training business in the course of you providing your professional services.


A young player collapses while playing netball. You’re the coach but do not administer proper first aid and CPR leading to serious health complications for the player and added stress to the family.  

Bad Professional Advice

A player was injured severely during a football league match for an A grade high school team. You suspected concussion, and knew this had occurred a number of times throughout the season, however each time you did not alert this or ensure the player left the field to properly recover and be medically assessed. This led to the parents claiming sustained short term memory loss, and difficulty learning in their final year exams.

Error of Judgment

You’re a football coach and conduct a game in a carpark rather than on the regular soccer field due to rain. A player ends up breaking their ankle from slipping over some oil. You can be sued for not playing the game at an appropriate and safe place.

Public & Products Liability insurance for sports coaches (Limits up to $20m)

Public liability insurance protects your coaching and training business against liability if someone gets injured on your premises or while you are providing your services.
Products liability insurance is for claims made against your coaching and training business for products supplied or sold by you to a third party. This might be a claim arising from a sports product or a product that injured someone.

Physical Injuries

A child gets injured while training for next season’s football season under your supervision. Turns out you were conducting the session without handing out the proper gear.

Trip, Slips & Falls

A player slips over a football that had not been cleared in the football field after a session, and fractures their ankle.

Third Party Damage

In a particularly wet season, your top team has missed three training sessions in a row. So that your players can continue to practice for the upcoming season, you arrange a new location for the group to train in a covered area. This was close to a residential area and led one student to damage an Audi that was parked nearby


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